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Security Tips

Interior Security Tips

  • Close all blinds on windows and doors when leaving
  • Keep valuables away from windows and doors
  • Keep all high valued items in a locked and fire-proof safe
  • Install an access control system ¬†and commercial security system
  • Keep the interior partially lit at night and over the weekend
  • Use the chime option on your commercial security system so that you are notified each time a door opens
  • For retail spaces, ensure there are no blind spots on the floor

Exterior Security Tips

  • Ensure your building is well lit on all corners, especially at all entryways
  • Keep shrubbery and trees pruned back from your building to prevent any windows from being blocked
  • If your business has a fence around it, make sure it can be seen through (such as a chain-link fence)
  • All doors should have a deadbolt and each window should have a lock and burglar resistant glass

Employee Safety Plans

  • Create a company safety plan and go over it as a staff periodically
  • Be aware of all emergency exits and practice each year
  • Have a plan in place for fire, robbery, natural disasters, etc
  • Each employee should secure personal belongings in a lockable drawer or filing cabinet in their office
  • Create a protocol for the proper way to greet a visitor and how to suspect if they are seeking to steal or damage the property
  • Always make sure to walk to your vehicles in groups if it is dark outside when you leave