Security Solutions from Commend & Zenitel

BTV Systems strives to offer cutting-edge commercial security technology from the top manufacturers in the industry. Two of the brands we trust enough to recommend to our customers include Commend and Zenitel. These two companies create innovative intercom and communications systems designed to increase the safety of your business or organization.

Emergency Stations & Notification Systems from Aiphone

BTV Systems trusts top brands such as Aiphone, Code Blue, Commend, and Talkaphone when recommending and installing emergency stations for our customers. Each of these companies produces top-quality products, and today we’re going to discuss the benefits of Aiphone’s emergency stations.

How Employees Can Help Keep the Office Safe

Security systems, video surveillance, and access control go a long way toward keeping your business or organization safe. But you and your employees can help keep the building secure by practicing preventative measures. The responsibility can’t fall onto one person, so it’s important to educate your employees on how they should do their part.