What to Do after a Break-In at Your Business

A break-in at your business is devastating not only to your assets, but also to your peace of mind. In the shock of arriving to work and discovering your building has been compromised, you might not be able to think of the necessary steps to take. This article will help you know exactly what to do in this situation. Hopefully you’ll never have to use this information, but it’s important to be prepared.

BTV’s Commitment to Secure Video Surveillance

At BTV Systems, we take the security of our clients very seriously, using only the most reliable video surveillance systems at the cutting-edge of technology. Our experience has shown that Chinese video surveillance systems are not only poor quality, but also pose security threats.

Reliable & High-Quality Digital Surveillance with Avigilon

BTV Systems trusts Avigilon as one of the highest-quality digital surveillance manufacturers in the industry. Avigilon provides HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, access control, and video analytics—all developed and manufactured here in the U.S.