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Alarm Monitoring Myths, Debunked

If your alarm is activated, you can rest assured knowing that you have a team of people ready to help! Allow us to debunk several alarm monitoring myths that have kept people in the dark for far too long.

Myth – Alarm monitoring is not essential for small businesses.

Every business – no matter its physical size or employee count – has the potential for a break-in. Steps can be taken to significantly reduce that potential such as installing security systems and participating in the alarm monitoring service. If your alarm is activated, our central station will immediately call you to confirm the alarm’s authenticity. If it was activated in error, we will request a passcode and the authorities will not be called. However, if it is a true alarm, we will alert the authorities.

Myth – An unmonitored alarm system will suffice.

This myth is both false and dangerous. If your business experiences a break-in, your alarm will sound but that is the extent of your safety. Although the alarm might scare off your intruder, there will be no authorities dispatched to your store to collect evidence or investigate the incident. With alarm monitoring, you can rest assured that if the unthinkable happens, you have backup on the way.

Myth – The cost of alarm monitoring outweighs the benefits.

We believe that you can’t put a cost on safety and peace of mind. Several benefits of alarm monitoring include a proactive response, 24/7 monitoring, timely dispatch of authorities, online access, and more. We are confident that the benefits you reap far outweigh the cost of alarm monitoring.

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