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Part 3: Installing & Servicing Your Security System

man dressed in business casual attire stands by a windowToday’s article wraps up our three-part series covering everything you need to know about your business’ security system. Customizing your security system and implementing essential features are vital to ensure your security system meets your needs. The last element of your security system is just as important: the actual installation and servicing of your system.

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Whether you own or rent the building in which you do business, it’s important to follow all the rules and guidelines regarding installing a security system. Our team will gladly work with you to implement the best way to install your system. We will help you think through options such as a wireless or wired system, after-hours installation, future expansion of your space, and more.

The BTV Systems team only uses the best equipment from vendors that we trust. We use equipment from vendors like Inovonics, Interlogix, Linear Systems, and others. (Ask us about our vendors and why we partner with them!)

After we have installed your security system, we will service it regularly. If you request a replacement part or service, there are many instances that we can fulfill that request the same day that it was made. Our goal is always to help you feel safe in your workplace! With our superior customer service and our top-notch products, we are confident that we can meet your security system needs.

About Your Macon Security Company: BTV Systems

Since 1967, we have worked diligently to be one of the best security companies in the southeast. We have helped hundreds of businesses find peace of mind and create safer work environments due to our products and services. In addition to security systems, we offer:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Inspections
  • HD Displays
  • Video Surveillance
  • & More

We service a variety of industries throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Don’t hesitate to contact a BTV Systems’ business consultant today with your questions. We would be honored to partner with you to create a safer, more productive workplace!