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3 Reasons Why a Fire Alarm System is Vital to Your Safety

June is National Safety Month, and an entire week is dedicated to emergency preparedness. Emergencies can take multiple forms such as fires, power outages, tornadoes, and other disasters. When your company is prepared for emergencies and have the newest technology to aid you, the possibility of injuries or deaths decrease dramatically. BTV Systems has helped countless companies prepare for emergencies, specifically fires. With our elite fire alarm system, you can be confident that your building and team members are safe.

BTV Systems’ Fire Alarm System Details

Every company can benefit from a fire alarm system. It is incredibly important to have a system that functions properly and exceeds your expectations. Additionally, it is mandated from local, state, and national governments for your building to be up to code. When you choose our fire alarm system, you will enjoy:

Annual fire systems inspections – To keep your system up-to-date, it must be inspected annually by fire alarm professionals.

Low cost of ownership – There is no price on safety, but we believe that safety should be affordable.

Newest technology – Your safety should be in the hands of the newest technology. Older technology cannot deliver vital information in a timely manner.

Voice evacuation and voice notification – If an evacuation is necessary, our system will inform you audibly of the problem and what to do.

Additionally, other features of our system include its intelligent and addressable nature, along with it being certified at Nicet Level 3.

Fire Alarm Inspections are Key

Last month’s blog touched on several reasons why fire alarm inspections are incredibly important. From identifying potential problems to keeping your company in compliance with the law, your company will benefit greatly from an intelligent fire alarm system and annual inspections.

If you would like more information about an intelligent fire alarm system and/or scheduling inspections, please don’t hesitate to contact BTV Systems. One of our experts will answer all your questions and lead you toward a safer tomorrow.