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4 Tips for Maintaining Workplace Fire Safety

Did you know that roughly 8 out of 10 small businesses that endure a large fire do not reopen? A small spark can turn into a roaring fire within minutes, so it’s imperative to increase workplace safety to protect your team and the future of your company. Consider these tips:

Be Proactive About Fire Inspections

Properly installed smoke detectors and frequent fire inspections can save your life. Test your smoke detectors often and make sure there is plenty of power in the batteries. Schedule bi-annual fire inspections to ensure your business is compliant with the National Fire Protection Association. 

De-clutter Your Workspace

Clutter in the workspace can be dangerous for two reasons – it can contribute to a rapid spread of the fire and it can block team members from exiting the building quickly. Every day, encourage your team members to clean up their space, keep walkways and windows clutter-free, and reduce the number of flammable items in the workplace if possible. 

Use Power Strips Wisely 

Power strips contribute to a safer workplace, as they don’t contribute to an outlet overload. However, even power strips can cause a workplace fire. If possible, spread out your power strips so they are not running from the same outlet. Additionally, always keep the entire power strip visible – don’t place them under rugs or between desks.  

Educate Your Team 

The term “fire drill” may take you back to elementary school, but workplace environments can benefit from them! Create a thorough plan detailing what should be done if a fire occurs. Additionally, educate your team on how to use a fire extinguisher, as these precious moments can dramatically reduce the spread of a fire. An easy acronym to remember concerning how to use a fire extinguisher is PASS:

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim the fire extinguisher
  • Squeeze the handle
  • Sweep from side to side

Educating your team and running regular fire drills will enable second-nature actions from your team in case of a fire. Implementing the tips above could save a life. Stay safe! If you’d like to learn more about fire safety in your workplace, email BTV Systems at Info@btvsystems.com or call 800-372-1867.