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4 Advantages of the Body-Worn Camera

Body-worn cameras are changing how employers and team members view safety. Because of its “extra set of eyes” so to speak, you are setting yourself up for less incidents and happier employees. Discover four advantages of the body-worn camera:

1. Users Feel Safe

When your team wears either the VB400 or VT100 body-worn camera, it adds to their feeling of safety. Naturally, people will change their behavior if they see that they’re on camera. This increases the safety of the body-worn camera user.

2. Violence Prevention

The body-worn cameras were purposefully made to be seen and overt. When customers or potential thieves see that they are being watched from a front-facing camera pinned directly on a person who can reiterate what happened, they may forego dangerous behavior.

3. Footage = Evidence

Your team member’s recollection of what happened during an incident can be solidified with the video evidence recorded from the body-worn camera. Additionally, the VB400 – which is specifically made with security professionals in mind – will automatically record if it senses another body-worn camera is recording within 10 meters. This provides multiple viewpoints of evidence. Further, false claims can be disputed with this video evidence.

4. Faster Response Times

The body-worn camera allows your team to respond to an incident faster. Many times, the damage is already done if you respond to an incident after it has happened. But the body-worn camera allows your security team to stop the issue during the altercation.

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