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BTV Systems Product Spotlight: Ways to Use Your HD Display

HD DisplayWhen you choose BTV Systems to install your commercial HD display, you can be confident that you have the best product for your business. We offer displays with resolutions up to four times 1080p display. Additionally, we can customize the design to fit your needs! Discover the following ways HD displays are most often used:

Video Walls – One of the best elements of a video wall is its ability to be used in virtually every industry. From the classroom setting to a security control room, video walls offer a visual component unmatched to other screens available. Our video walls range in size from 92 inches to over 50 feet.

Video Surveillance – If you want to increase security in your business, video surveillance is an effective tool to do this. Video surveillance, using our HD display technology, will produce a clear-cut image that will enable your security to spot potential threats.

Public Notification – When the public needs to be notified, there should be no confusion due to pixelated or distorted images. HD displays are often used to notify the public of important happenings in the community.

IP-Enabled Public View Monitors – Often seen in retail stores, a public view monitor is a tool used to watch people who are browsing the store. If wanted, public view monitors can be set up throughout the store so the customer can see he is being recorded. In another location, an employee can monitor the monitors which decreases theft considerably.

Additionally, HD displays are often used for process monitoring and manufacturing monitoring. Whatever your need for an HD display is, we are confident that we can help you. BTV Systems installs commercial HD displays in Georgia and South Carolina. We have immense knowledge and experience in our field and we want to help your business thrive! Contact one of our Business Security Consultants today to get started.