Innovative LG Video Walls

Innovative LG Video Walls

Did you know that BTV Systems offers custom design and installation for all HD displays, whether it is an LG video wall, digital signage, message boards, or media displays? HD monitor sizes range from 10-70 inches, with video walls ranging from 92 inches to 50+ feet.

For commercial clients who have a need for these exciting, visually impressive HD Displays, we are happy to highlight a new product from one of our esteemed vendors, LG.

The 55” Class Super-Narrow 3.5mm Bezel Premium Display by LG is so skinny that if it’s turned sideways, it might just disappear. Well, maybe it won’t disappear, but with a 3.5mm bezel, this LG video wall offers a visually stunning digital wall that is easily installed, maintained, and managed.

LG Video Walls

Features & Benefits of the Super-Narrow Bezel LG Video Wall Display

1.      Higher Brightness Uniformity

Brightness uniformity 90% ensures high quality image delivered across displays

2.      Evolved Daisy-Chain Performance

DisplayPort 1.2 connectors enable UHD content playback on 4K Video Wall in 2×2 displays (available on LV75A/LV77A)

LG Video Walls3.      Vivid Imagery Viewing

TruMotion™ 60Hz Refresh Rate drastically reduces motion blur and judder ensuring vivid image details

4.      Supersign VS For Dynamic Layout
  • Rotate, cut, and edit content according to a defined layout
  • Flexible editing of content to match various layouts is possible
  • Scheduled-based content playback based on time and day
  • Distribute content to media players as well
5.      Free Supersign C For Advanced Color Adjustment
  • Intuitive GUI in SuperSign C S/W allows to measure and adjust color and brightness instantly on display
  • Automatic white balancing of a video wall display using a sensor
6.      Free Supersign C For Remote Monitor & Control

Intuitive GUI-based Remote Monitoring & Control via the networks and RS232 connection feature in SuperSign C S/W

LG Video Walls7.      Shine-Out

Perfect fit for window display by reflecting away ambient light for best image visibility and clearer display in bright lighting environment

Are You Considering LG Video Walls?

There are many spaces and uses for LG video walls in the corporate setting including well-lit public spaces, corporate lobbies, light-controlled conference rooms, auditoriums, and control rooms. Video walls function well for demanding 24/7 indoor applications.

BTV Systems would be happy to discuss how we can help you choose the appropriate LG video walls for your organization. We know you will be pleased with our design process and our certified technicians will provide quick, precise installation. Call us today at 478-788-5281 to schedule a consultation.