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4 Life Events that Alarm Monitoring Can Be of Assistance

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The unknown can spark fear in a business owner or homeowner’s life, but knowing an expert team is ready to act at a moment’s notice should ease your worry! Discover four life events that alarm monitoring can be of assistance.

1. Panic Alarms

A panic alarm consists of two parts – the button and the communication system. Once pressed, the device will communicate to the alarm monitoring company that an emergency is occurring. They will notify the proper authorities to help with your emergency. Some panic alarms set off a loud siren and others are silent, depending on the needs of the owner.

2. Medical Assistance

Medical emergencies can happen in a split second, and it’s vital that you have access to medical help. When your alarm goes off, we will call the phone number on file to verify the emergency. If you confirm the emergency or do not answer, we will dispatch the correct authorities.

3. Fire

When a fire alarm is triggered, it will produce a siren to alert those in the building to exit quickly. But, the fire still exists and needs to be addressed. We can connect fire alarms to our alarm monitoring system, and we will be alerted when the fire alarm is set off. When you are focusing on getting your team out of a dangerous situation, you can rest assured knowing that our team is alerting professionals to arrive at the scene.

4. Intrusion

The presence of a video surveillance system can deter burglars from your premises. For those who dare to intrude or attempt to burglarize once inside the premises, an intrusion alarm can be set off to notify us, so we can call the authorities.

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