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How to Protect Your Company via Artificial Intelligence

The recent global pandemic struck fear into the heart of people due to factors they could not control. Ironyun created an advanced artificial intelligence solution to enhance safety and peace of mind for companies in any industry, especially regarding viruses such as COVID-19. Discover how Ironyun’s Social Health Analytics technology works, its benefits, and how BTV Systems can help.

How Social Health Analytics Works

This technology can be boiled down to two important functions – it detects and alerts. It has been programmed to detect and alert the right personnel with issues concerning:

Facemasks – Facemasks have proven to help minimize the spreading of germs, as it keeps any bacteria trapped inside the facemask instead of being dispersed into the air to unknowing victims. This technology can identify which people in your building are not wearing facemasks and alert the right personnel.

Temperature – A major symptom of any virus or sickness is a heightened temperature. It proves that the body is working hard to fight the bacteria that has invaded. Because of this, it’s important to be notified if anyone is entering the building with a high temperature. The technology enables cameras to be synced with thermal detection, and it will trigger an alert if someone approaches the building with a temperature above the allotted threshold.

Distancing – Social distancing maximizes safety for people, as viruses are less likely to be transmitted from person to person if they are at least six feet apart. If any of your occupants are not following social distancing rules, the correct personnel will be notified.

Occupancy – The software can be linked to multiple cameras, meaning buildings that have multiple exits and entrances can benefit from this technology! The software will record and relay an accurate count of occupants as they enter and exit the building.

Benefits of Social Health Analytics Technology

The benefits of the social health analytics technology are numerous. Beyond peace of mind, you will enjoy:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased public health
  • Maximized safety

Additionally, this technology is highly accurate and cost-effective. Social Health Analytics is applicable for all social industries such as office, retail, banking, hospital, theater, grocery, and restaurants.

BTV Systems Can Provide Your Company with This Technology

When BTV Systems performs the service, cameras and software will be installed to operate Social Health Analytics. BTV Systems will equip your team with the knowledge necessary to operate this technology, increasing safety for everyone involved. If you’re interested in learning more about how this technology can optimize safety, health, security, and operations, don’t hesitate to email BTV Systems at or call 800-372-1867.