Protecting Your Business With Drones

Drones: A New Way to Protect Your Business

dronesOur great-grandmothers may not have ever imagined all the technology of the 21st century, but how many of us actually considered that drones would be an option for commercial security? Drones are quickly becoming an easy and effective way to monitor the security of your company. Security guards can program them for routine patrols or use them to monitor potential safety threats. BTV Systems recommends Auto-Drone Security for its product quality and security features.

About Auto-Drone

Auto-Drone is an autonomous drone that captures hi-res video. Users enter flight paths on a laptop or other smart devices such as a phone or tablet and upload the flight path to the drone. The drone then follows the path with no need for a remote control. However, if the need arises, you can manually override the flight path and use a transmitter or smart device as a remote.

The feed from the Auto-Drone can be viewed live, and it gives guards an advantage over potential threats. Auto-Drone Security’s AR-4 is a large but lightweight drone with countless customization options. It has heavy lift motors and a fully automated GPS with waypoint flight capabilities, as well as powerful ground station software. The AR-4 is fully calibrated, field tested, and ready to fly. The drone offers high-res video feeds and 5MP video recording. The Auto-Drone is both easy to use and easy to program.

Benefits of Using Drones for Security

The AR-4 meets the most current FAA guidelines, and is intended for commercial use on private property. Drones are a great tool for proactively preventing security threats. They keep guards safe by allowing them to monitor potentially dangerous situations from afar. Drones are perfect for companies with large amounts of interior or exterior space that is difficult to consistently and thoroughly monitor. They allow for efficient but comprehensive surveillance, keeping your employees and your important information safe.

Security Services from BTV Systems

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