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The Inside Scoop on the Body Worn Camera by Avigilon

a customer pays with a credit cardBTV Systems is excited to offer a premier product from Avigilon – the Body Worn Camera. This camera can drastically aid those who are in customer service, security, healthcare services, and other person-to-person jobs. It provides a first-person view and audio of what’s happening during a stressful scenario, and acts as a “witness” in case there are questions about what exactly happened. Additional benefits of the Body Worn Camera include increased employee safety and security and maximized employee retention.

Allow us to showcase the two Body Worn Cameras available from which to choose:

Body Worn Camera: VB400

The VB400 Body Worn Camera was specifically designed for security professionals in mind. The men and women who patrol stores to catch thieves or those who are bodyguards for important people could benefit from a body-worn camera that captures a first-person visual and audio of what or who is in front of them. Features of the VB400 Body Worn Camera include:

  • 12-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Peer-assisted recording
  • Pre & Post-recording
  • Tough exterior
  • Weather resistant

Body Worn Camera: VT100

The VT100 Body Worn Camera was specifically designed for frontline staff or those in the customer service industry. Sometimes, a situation can go 0 to 60 in a split second, and it’s important for your team to have that extra set of eyes (the Body Worn Camera!) to hold the intruder accountable. Here are several features of the VT100 Body Worn Camera we are sure your team will appreciate:

  • Accessible & affordable
  • Attachable to uniforms
  • Customer-friendly appearance
  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight & unobtrusive design
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows
  • Six-month, stand-by battery life
  • Small & discreet

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