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5 Reasons Why You Need an Access Control System for Your Business

If you’re wondering how to improve your business’ security, look no further. An access control system provides a safe way to monitor who is entering and exiting your building, elevators, doors, and more. It will give you peace of mind knowing who is in your building.

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Discover five reasons why you need an access control system for your business:

Increase Employee Protection

Whether your office is in the boughs of the country or the heart of the city, keeping your employees safe is vital to a thriving workplace. When your employees feel safe, they can be even more productive at work!

Minimize Theft

With an access control system, only the people who are supposed to be in certain areas will have access. This helps minimize theft and restrict unauthorized access.

Provides a Record

Your access control system will record who enters your office, elevator, or doors, and at what time. This helps eliminate the guessing game if an issue needs to be addressed.

Coincides with Your Video Surveillance System

When you purchase BTV Systems’ access control system, you can enjoy a seamless integration with your BTV Systems’ video surveillance. They will complement each other, making your security system a double force to reckon with.

Diminish Key Issues

Do your employees have a bad habit of leaving their keys at home? With our access control system, your employees don’t have to rely on keys to gain access to the building. They can enter the building via facial and fingerprint recognition.

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