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Access Control FAQs

Access control systems give you invaluable knowledge about who is entering and exiting your building at any given time. This system provides peace of mind and security!

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Allow us to answer several frequently asked questions about access control systems:

What exactly is an access control system?

In essence, an access control system improves security and gives you control concerning who is allowed into your building. Someone who is not authorized to enter your building won’t be able to once your system is installed.

How will it benefit my company?

Access control systems offer added security, as it provides data on who is in your building, which door they used, and when they entered and exited. Additionally, you can set specific times that people can enter and even limit access to certain places in your facility to certain people. You can access this data any time you need it, not just if suspicious activity occurs.

What does the installation process entail?

When you partner with BTV Systems for your access control system, we will consult with you to hear what your specific needs are and how we can best help you. If you determine that an access control system is right for you, we will install it on your building. Afterward, we will train you concerning how to use it and how to check the data.

About Your Macon Security Team: BTV Systems

BTV Systems is passionate about keeping your team and building safe from security threats! In addition to access control systems, we provide services and products such as:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fire inspections
  • HD Displays
  • Security systems
  • Video Surveillance

If you’re interested in a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members! We would be happy to partner with you to keep you safe.