Campus Security & Surveillance Systems: How BTV Systems Can Help

Campus Security & Video Surveillance Systems: How BTV Systems Can Help

campus securitySchool is right around the corner, and it’s imperative that students feels safe at school. When a student feels safe, he can focus more on learning and growing in knowledge. BTV Systems has immense experience helping K-12 facilities and higher-level education buildings increase their campus security. Your safety is our first priority. Discover how our video surveillance systems can help:

High Definition Video Surveillance

When you choose a BTV Systems high definition video surveillance system, you can rest assured that you have the best technology available to increase your campus security. At your initial meeting with one of our consultants, you will discuss topics such as surveillance coverage area, areas of concern, mounting options, lighting, and power. We want to thoroughly understand what is most important to you and how we can surpass your expectations.

After we consult with you and evaluate your facility, we get to work creating a customized system just for you. Our design team works countless hours to create a system that will most benefit you. It includes criteria such as:

  • Accessibility requirements
  • An exacting process for distances & heights
  • Any applicable laws & restrictions
  • Lighting quality & condition
  • Mathematical algorithms to calculate the camera’s resolution & lens settings
  • Recording requirements & desires
  • Wireless, wired, or fiber optic requirements

Educational campuses aren’t the only facilities that benefit from customized video surveillance systems. We also serve industries such as correctional facilities, city and county parks, utility companies, office complexes, and more.

Review & Demonstration to Increase Campus Security

BTV Systems doesn’t hand you the video surveillance system and leave. We want to make sure you feel confident and know exactly how to use it. Our team will review the system with you and demonstrate exactly how it works. Additionally, once the system is in place, we will hold an in-depth training session, so you know how to navigate the system and operate it on your own.

Contact BTV Systems today to find out more information about increasing your campus security.