Three Steps Towards Comprehensive Video Surveillance

Three Steps Towards Comprehensive Video Surveillance

If you are in the market for a comprehensive video surveillance system, we invite you to learn about our simple but thorough three step proposal process. The BTV Systems consulting and proposal process is designed with the client’s needs in mind and can be broken down into three major steps:

  1. Consultation & Evaluation
  2. Design & Review
  3. Demonstration & Deployment

Consultation & Evaluation – Video Surveillance Systems

H264_D1_Dome_Indoor_profile-wrThe first step in the process of receiving a comprehensive and custom-designed video surveillance system is scheduling a thorough consultation and evaluation with one of our Systems Consultants. A highly trained and experienced BTV Systems Consultant will visit your property and find out what you expect from your video surveillance system. Once our Systems Consultant understands your needs, they will begin a full evaluation of the property or facility. During their evaluation, they will consider the following points as well as any other conditions made apparent once they are on-site:

    • Surveillance coverage area
    • Areas of concern
    • Mounting options
    • Lighting
    • Power


Camera_Enclosure_Outdoor-wrDuring the second step of the process, our System Consultants join our Design Team in designing a successful video surveillance system perfectly tailored to your company’s requirements. Each system is custom designed based on specific criteria to ensure its functionality and perfect match for your needs. Criteria includes

  • An exacting process for distances and heights (coverage areas)
  • Mathematical algorithms to calculate the camera’s resolution and lens settings
  • Wireless, wired, or fiber optic requirements
  • Lighting quality and condition
  • Recording requirements and desires
  • Any applicable laws and restrictions (local, state, and federal)
  • Accessibility requirements (viewing locally or via computer, smart phone, or tablet)

Review & Demonstration

ACC_Monitor_Retail-wrAfter all of the consultations, evaluation, and design, BTV will then bring all findings and proposals to you as the last step of the process. Unlike many of our competitors, BTV is completely open with our designs and proposals providing detailed drawings, camera schedules, cut sheets, and line item proposals. BTV’s Systems Consultants will review the entire design and proposal and ensure that you have a full understanding on how your system is designed and priced.

In many cases, BTV will bring the proposed cameras on-site to demonstrate them in their respective locations. This allows you, the customer, to verify that what BTV is proposing is exactly what you expect.

Once your video surveillance system is in place, you’ll receive on-site training to achieve maximum benefits and a complete understanding of how it operates.

Are You Ready To Begin?

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a comprehensive video surveillance system for the security and well-being of your company and employees, give us a call today at 1-800-372-1867.