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What You Can Expect After Your Video Surveillance Installation

Video Surveillance

If you provide a safe work environment, we’re confident you’ll see tangible and intangible results. Allow us to highlight three of many.

  1. Video Surveillance Sends a Message to Potential Intruders

Potential intruders will be less inclined to break into a building that has video surveillance. These systems are in plain sight, so it sends a direct message to potential intruders – “we see you.” Further, access control systems make it impossible for a determined thief to enter a building. When you arm your building with safety measures, you are protecting the occupants inside.

  1. Video Surveillance Can Help Save Your Business Money

Instead of having an entire fleet of security personnel, consider your video surveillance system as a highly experienced security guard who can be in many places at once. Your business will save money on personnel, possibly on your insurance, and more.

  1. Video Surveillance Boosts a Productive Workplace Culture

When team members aren’t nervous about intruders due to a stellar video surveillance system in place, they can focus more on their work and the overall culture of the workplace. They’ll be comfortable focusing more on productivity, end results, helping other team members, and more.

What video surveillance system is right for your company?

Ask yourself these questions to help you determine which video surveillance system is right for your company:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. What type of viewing accessibility do I need?
  3. Do I need a system that is wired, wireless, or uses fiber optics?
  4. Does the company I’m partnering with offer a custom-designed video surveillance system?
  5. Will the company I’m partnering with install the video surveillance system?

Our team of surveillance system professionals would be happy to talk you through your questions and provide helpful guidance during this process.

About BTV Systems – Your Macon Security Company

Security systems boost safety in the workplace, helping employees be more productive and occupants feel confident in their safety. A huge part of the safety found in video surveillance systems can be found in their features! Features you can expect from a BTV Systems video surveillance system include:

  • 24-hour zones
  • Backup battery power supply
  • Installation and training
  • Monitoring services
  • Multiple user codes
  • Opening and closing reports
  • Remotely accessible through web portal and mobile device
  • Remotely manage your system
  • Touchpad features
  • Video and access control integration into system
  • Zone systems and expandability

Do you have questions about a BTV Systems video surveillance system? Give us a call: 478-788-5281. We’re proud to provide professional products and services to a variety of companies and industries throughout Georgia and South Carolina.