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How BTV Systems Approaches Your Fire Inspection

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It is required by law to have your fire alarm inspected annually. But a quick once-over won’t suffice – you need fire inspection experts to perform a thorough examination of your fire alarm to ensure safety. This is how BTV Systems handles your fire alarm inspection:

1. Complete System Test

We will make sure that every part of your system is working properly and functioning as it should. If there is any element of your fire alarm system that needs repair or an update, we can fix it for you.

2. Check Smoke Detectors

Your smoke detectors can alert you of a fire before you realize one is ablaze! That’s why it is essential that they work properly and are performing at full capacity.

3. Examine Duct Detectors

One of the worst places for a fire to occur is in an area that is rarely seen or unseen, like in HVAC duct work. A duct smoke detector can identify smoke presence in the HVAC airways and signal an alarm.

4. Test Alarms & Panels

There is more to a fire alarm system than smoke detectors and fire alarms! During the fire alarm inspection, our team will ensure all alarms and panels are working at full capacity.

5. Check Backup Batteries

We will ensure all backup batteries have full power. Backup batteries are immensely important, as they can “take over” if the initial batteries fail or lack power.

6. Provide Full-Detailed Report

After your fire alarm inspection, we will provide a full-detailed report that includes our recommendations. Our team is happy to answer your questions and get to work making sure your fire alarm system is functioning at full capacity.

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