Emergency Stations & Notification Systems from Aiphone

Emergency Stations & Notification Systems from Aiphone

emergency stationsYou’ve probably seen tall towers that say “Emergency” around college campuses, office parks, parking garages, and other large areas. These emergency stations often include help buttons, intercoms, and sometimes video surveillance, and they’re used to increase security by notifying authorities when someone is in trouble.

BTV Systems trusts top brands such as Aiphone, Code Blue, Commend, and Talkaphone when recommending and installing emergency systems for our customers. Each of these companies produces top-quality products, and today we’re going to discuss the benefits of Aiphone’s emergency stations.

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About Aiphone Emergency Stations

Emergency Stations from Aiphone provide immediate help to people who call for assistance. They meet ADA regulations and requirements, and can be quickly and easily assembled. Aiphone manufactures emergency stations in a variety of sizes and colors. From one central location, Aiphone’s emergency stations allow you to integrate:

  • Access control
  • Paging
  • Communication
  • Roaming security
  • Alarms
  • CCTV monitoring

The emergency systems are available in both wireless and hardwired configurations. Customers can choose between thin wall boxes and modular towers. The emergency stations are easy to deliver and install, and can be retrofitted for existing systems.

Respected & Reliable Security

Aiphone produces some of the industry’s best quality security systems and equipment. The company manufactures intercom solutions for communication and security, providing audio and video systems as well as access entry and control systems. All products are durable and reliable, which is one of the reasons Aiphone is the only intercom manufacturer to receive the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control.

BTV Systems is proud to offer these award-winning products to our customers. We have installed mass notification systems for municipalities and large institutions throughout the Southeast. For more information about Aiphone and the other mass notification options available through BTV, contact us and schedule a security consultation.