Intelligent Fire Safety Systems

Intelligent Fire Safety Systems

Featured Product: Edwards VS-Series

In 2012 alone, non-residential fires resulted in $2.6 billion of property damages, 1,525 civilian injuries, and 65 civilian deaths. ‘Non-residential’ includes public assembly, educational, institutional, store and office, industry, utility, storage, and special structure properties. Direct property damage figures do not include indirect losses, like business interruption.

179240420 - office buildingAs June is National Safety Month, we’d like to take a moment to raise awareness about a deadly hazard that is too often an afterthought for businesses and organizations. Is the current fire safety system that protects your building and employees from the dangers of fire and smoke outdated, under-maintained, or inefficient? Leaving fire protection in the hands of an incapable system is simply a risk that cannot be taken for the safety and well-being of your employees and your company.

Did you know that access to the reliability of intelligent detection and the proven track record of an Edwards life safety system is easier and more affordable than ever? VS-Series from Edwards Vigilant represents life safety intelligence geared expressly for smaller application that used to be the exclusive domain of conventional systems. With VS-Series, you now have access to technology that a short time ago was beyond the reach of most small building budgets.

Smart Benefits of VS-Series Fire Safety Systemfire-new

  • Simple & intuitive front panel control keeping your personnel in full control
  • Reduced chance of nuisance alarms avoiding disruptions to building occupants
  • Pinpoint alarm location for fast response
  • Easy maintenance by certified BTV technicians
  • Straightforward annual inspections including NFPA-compliant diagnostics
  • Architecturally pleasing panel and device designs

Thinking of a Fire Safety System Retro-Fit?

You’re in luck. The intelligent VS-Series fire safety system offers a fast and simple way to upgrade from your cumbersome, conventional control panel. In fact, the VS-Series can use device wiring from most legacy systems with no effect on performance. This means you don’t have to bear the expense of rewiring your building or endure the disruption it would cause among building occupants. Call us today at 1-800-372-1867 to discuss options for a fire safety system retrofit.

BTV Systems: Certified Edwards Vigilant Dealer

Vigilant dealers are independent contractors that form an integral part of the Edwards Vigilant fire safety system team. At BTV Systems, we enjoy exclusive access to products, custom design innovations, and specialized training. Our technicians are adept at ensuring that each proposal is strong and competitive.

If your fire safety systems aren’t protecting your greatest assets with the level of intelligence and expertise they deserve, contact BTV Systems today to discuss your options.