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How to Prevent Office Fires

office fires extinguisherOffice fires are a major threat to your business. The office environment has many potential fire hazards. With all of the electrical devices and flammable materials, many offices have all of the requirements for a workplace fire.

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Electrical Equipment

At the end of the workday, you should turn off all electrical appliances that produce heat, such as computers, copiers, or coffee makers. You should keep them away from anything flammable, such as stacks of paper or drapes, during the day. If any electrical equipment begins to smoke or produce an odor, unplug the machine and call the necessary personnel.

Power Cords

office fires plugAlways keep power and extension cords away from doorways and other areas that receive heavy foot traffic. Wires can become exposed when employees step on cords repeatedly. It can also be very easy to overload plugs. Additionally, avoid running too much power through single outlets.

Flammable Materials

Paper, boxes, and other similar products are highly flammable. These types of materials should never be stored near electrical equipment or power plugs. A few sparks can ignite a stack of paper. The fabric on your furniture is also potentially flammable. Avoid positioning pieces of furniture near or against electrical devices that run hot or power cords.


Many modern offices have kitchens that contain microwaves, ovens, stoves, and a host of other devices that produce heat. All of these devices have the potential to start fires if they’re not properly monitored and maintained.

There are numerous ways that office fires can start in an office and most can be prevented by having your employees be responsible and attentive with electrical equipment and storage techniques. Place fire extinguishers around the office and make sure all of your employees know where to find them and how to use them properly.

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