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Safety Tips Part One: How to Keep Your Interior Safe

protect your businessDid you know that businesses are as much as four times more likely to be burglarized than homes? Fortunately, there are safety tips you can implement to minimize the success of an attempted burglary. Additionally, we provide video surveillance, alarm monitoring, and other services to help keep you safe and protect your business.

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We want you to feel that your office is safe and secure. Consider applying the following safety tips:

Close All Blinds When Leaving

  • An intruder will scout your business before entering. If you leave your blinds open, the burglar can easily see if there is anyone around. If you keep your blinds down and closed, the intruder will be less inclined to enter.

Move Valuables Away From Windows & Doors

  • Breaking a window with a sharp object is unfortunately one of the most common ways an unwanted guest can enter a building. If you keep valuables near a window or door, an intruder can steal your valuables without having to fully enter the building.

Place All High-Valued Items Out of Sight

  • Storing all of your valuables in a locked and fire-proof safe will drastically reduce theft. A thief often looks for the most easily-accessible items to steal. If your valuables are locked away in a well-hidden safe, the burglar will most likely not be able to find it – let alone steal it.

Use the Chime Option on Your Commercial Security System

  • When you enable the chime option on your commercial security system, you are given a notification when a door opens. Not only are you notified, but the burglar will also hear that sound. He will realize that you have an alarm system, and will most likely leave the premises.

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