BTV Systems Thanks Our Public Safety Personnel

Thank You to Public Safety Officials Who Keep Our Communities Safe

public safetyAs a commercial security company, BTV Systems works closely with public safety men and women throughout Georgia. They work tirelessly every day to keep our communities safe, and we would like to thank them for their dedication. Since public safety professionals keep us safe, BTV strives to keep them safe and offer them tools to perform their duties as efficiently as possible.

Safe & Effective Surveillance

High Definition video surveillance from BTV allows police to more accurately and effectively patrol an area for crime. Surveillance allows for one dispatcher to monitor a large area without leaving a control room.

Our cameras contain software that detects humans and vehicles, so when an intruder is detected, the dispatcher can use the HD video footage to give public safety personnel the exact location of the perpetrator as well as a physical description. This allows for accuracy and a higher chance of catching the perpetrator, and it also keeps police officers and sheriff’s deputies safe, as they know what to expect when arriving at the scene. BTV provides the high definition footage to the arresting officers and detectives, which helps in trying and convicting criminals.

BTV tries to do its part to help and support public safety personnel and the judicial process. Thank you to the men and women who keep our communities safe and who diligently prosecute crime.

Our video surveillance design team consists of network engineers, project managers, public safety professionals, and business professionals, capable of developing a comprehensive and complete video surveillance system to meet any requirements. Learn more about video surveillance from BTV.

About BTV Systems

BTV is a full service security company and integrator, providing consultation, design, installation, and maintenance of HD video surveillance, HD displays, access control, fire, and security systems. Our coverage area includes the states of Georgia and South Carolina. We also offer factory-trained, certified, and licensed staff to provide the best in installation, maintenance, service, and support.