Benefits of a Wireless Security System for your Business

Benefits of a Wireless Security System for your Business

The importance of an up-to-date, effective security system for your business simply cannot be overestimated, but with the incredible variety of security products on the market it can be difficult to decide which would best fit your business security requirements.

Whether you are seeking a wireless or wired system for your business, are in a historic building with aesthetic requirements, or require after hours installation, we have solutions to meet all of your needs. Our systems can also grow with you, allowing for partitioning and limitless expansion.

In this article we will explore one of our security options, the wireless security system and five key benefits that make it stand apart from a hardwired security system.

Overall Cost-Effectiveness of a Wireless Security System

The wireless security system does not require the labor and materials necessary with a hardwired system typically making it much less expensive and less time-consuming to install.

Wireless Security System

Time-Efficient Installation of a Wireless Security System

Wireless security systems transmit data via radio waves from a number of motion-detecting cameras to one central control panel. The installation of the cameras and control panel require significantly less time than physically connecting system elements as done in hardwired security installation. The wireless security system operates on battery power allowing camera installation in locations without convenient access to power sources.

In Macon, Georgia, where BTV Systems is headquartered, there are 12 historic districts and over 6,500 structures designated on the National Register of Historic Places. The ability to install a battery-powered, wireless security system is critical for historic buildings that cannot be altered or architecturally disturbed in any way.

Wireless Security System

The Armory in Macon, GA

Difficult to Disarm

Commercial property owners with hardwired systems run the risk of a burglar knowing which wires to cut in order to disarm the system quickly and quietly. With a wireless system, each individual camera must be disarmed in order to incapacitate the system. Furthermore, since the wireless systems typically run on batteries, disabling the electricity will not shut the security system down.

Maximized Up-Time

Along with low battery alerts so that you’re never without your “eyes and ears,” wireless security systems are often able to locate the specific device which could be malfunctioning for quick service.

With BTV Systems, servicing your security system is easy:

  • Each BTV Systems technician is capable of installing, diagnosing, and servicing most security camera systems on the market.
  • BTV keeps many security camera systems in stock and, in most situations, can easily replace parts on the same day a request is made.
  • If you take advantage of a BTV security system service plan, all replacement parts are included in the plan.

Relocation Friendly

With a wireless security system, moving to a new location doesn’t pose the massive headache that a wired system would. No ripping out wires from walls or starting from scratch. BTV Systems professional installation technicians would be happy to answer any questions you may have about relocating your wireless security system to a new building.

Wireless Security System Installation by BTV Systems

BTV Systems in Macon, GA offers security system install for commercial security throughout Georgia and South Carolina. If you would like to request a quote from one of our Business Security Consultants or if you would like to learn more about the benefits of a wireless security system for your business, please contact us and someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours.