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Safety Tips Part Two: Exterior Security for Your Business

exterior securityEvery day, more business owners are taking the necessary steps to keep their business safe from burglars. There are ways to keep the interior of your business safe, as well as the exterior. After implementing the following tips, allow us to help by providing extra exterior security.

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Consider the following four tips to keep your business safe from burglaries:

Add lighting to the exterior of your building

To avoid being seen, most burglars will wear dark clothing, a mask, sunglasses, and other pieces of clothing to cover up their identities. If the exterior of your business is well lit, he may not even attempt to burglarize for fear of being seen. We highly recommend placing lights on all outside corners and above every entryway.

Keep your landscape and plants pruned away from windows and doors

If an intruder wants to break into a building easily, he will look for windows that have overgrown shrubbery in front of them. This shrubbery acts as a barrier so he cannot be seen from the street. However, if you keep it trimmed and away from windows and doors, it should dissuade burglars.

If your business has a fence around it, make sure it can be seen through

Fences are great deterrents for burglars, as they show that the owner has taken time to add additional protection. If you have a fence as part of your exterior security, it’s important to make sure it can be seen through, such as a chain link fence, wrought iron fence, or wooden fence (with slats that are far enough apart).

Add reinforcements to all doors and windows

If your doors do not have a deadbolt installed already, that should be done immediately. Burglars know that doors with deadbolts are harder to break into and may not try to intrude at all. Additionally, add locks to all ground-level windows.

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