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5 Benefits of a Wireless Security System

Wireless security systems are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide much more than that! Allow us to explain five benefits of a wireless security system that we know you’ll appreciate.

1. Challenging to Disarm

A wired security system has one major vulnerability – its wires. A thief can cut the wires to ensure he is not being watched, and you will not have “eyes” on your property until you replace the wires! A wireless security system forgoes the use of wires which maximizes your control over the system. To disarm a wireless security system, you would need to disarm each camera individually. If this were occurring, you would likely catch a thief in the act before he could get to every camera.

2. Easy to Relocate & Reuse

Are you moving locations and want to take your wireless security system with you? No problem! A BTV Systems expert can easily relocate your system without destroying walls and pulling out wires (because there aren’t any). Additionally, wireless security systems are cellular; there is no need for a phone line, eliminating the opportunity for phone lines to be cut.

3. Uninterrupted Service

Wireless security systems run on batteries and will alert the user if the batteries are low on power. When this alert is enabled, your BTV Systems’ technician will locate which camera needs attention and he will replace the batteries to ensure uninterrupted service.

4. Protects Structural Integrity

A wireless security system also protects structures that are not allowed to be altered in any way such as a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These buildings are deeply integrated into our culture and history. By choosing a wireless security system, you are optimizing the safety of these buildings.

5. Quick Installation

Compared to a wired security system that demands drywall work, painting, wire installation, and more, a wireless security system installation can be completed quickly. If you need to secure your property or building, a BTV Systems expert can have it up and running as quickly as possible.

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