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7 Design Elements for Your Video Surveillance System

closeup shot of hands using a laptopA one-size-fits-all video surveillance system won’t do what you need it to, and you won’t get your money’s worth from it. When you partner with BTV Systems, we will design your video surveillance system based on 7 design elements. This allows us to give you the best system for your needs.

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Discover seven design elements that we implement into your video surveillance system:

Determining Coverage Areas

We have a detailed process that we use to determine the distance and height you need covered by your video surveillance system. Your system should cover the areas you are most concerned about and more.

Perfecting the Camera’s Resolution & Lens Settings

When we set up your video surveillance system, we use mathematical algorithms to calculate resolution and settings. This ensures that there is no human error present and the clarity of the equipment is at its highest possibility.

Personalizing Video Surveillance Requirements

Do you need a wireless, wired, or fiber optic video surveillance system? We have all three options and we will personalize the system to ensure all requirements are met.

Ensuring High Quality Lighting

The lighting and condition surrounding your video surveillance system contributes to what you see through the system. We take into consideration the lighting and surrounding conditions before placing your system in its place.

Adjusting Recording Requirements

At the end of the day, we want your video surveillance system to do everything you need it to! We can adjust the recording requirements based on your wishes.

Ensuring Applicable Laws are Met

Did you know that there are local, state, and federal laws and restrictions regarding the use of a video surveillance system? Our team knows these laws inside and out, and we will ensure your system abides by the law.

Viewability on Different Devices

Accessibility is key for video surveillance systems! Do you want to view the footage locally or through a computer, smart phone, or tablet? Whatever you prefer, we can make sure your system is set up accordingly.

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