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Debunking Video Surveillance Myths

The invention of video surveillance changed the course of security systems forever. Now, thieves can’t hide in corners or wait until dark to steal without getting caught. The right video surveillance cameras can fortify your company’s shop and keep your employees safe.

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Don’t let these three video surveillance myths keep you in the dark:

Video Surveillance is Too Expensive

BTV Systems works tirelessly to provide the highest quality video surveillance systems at an affordable price. We serve a wide range of industries – from educational facilities to office complexes, utility companies to municipalities. At the end of the day, what’s inside your facility – whether products or people – should be protected! Determining what that protection is worth can help you decide how much to spend on your video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance is Too Difficult to Operate

Our team will never install a video surveillance system and not train our customer on how to use it. We take our time answering questions, training our customers, showing them how the system functions, and more. When our BTV Systems expert leaves your facility, we want you to be confident about your system. And, if you have any questions in the days or months following the installation, you can give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Video Surveillance Isn’t Necessary

It’s very common for a business or organization to have insurance to protect their valuables. However, there are intangible things your insurance company can’t recover for you such as downtime, peace of mind, and employee safety. A video surveillance system allows you to spot potential threats before they occur which skyrockets safety.

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You’ve worked hard to make sure your business is successful, and we want to help you protect that success! Beyond video surveillance systems, we offer products and services such as fire alarm inspections and systems, alarm monitoring, HD displays, access control, and more.

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