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Ways a Biometric Access System Can Help Your Company

biometric access equipmentA biometric access system scans a person’s physical characteristics – such as eyes or fingerprints – to grant or deny access. More employers are ditching access cards and codes, and relying heavily on biometric readers. By doing so, they are increasing security and improving the safety of their company.

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Consider the following ways a biometric access system is beneficial for your company:

Stricter Security – Doing away with access cards and replacing them with a biometric access system increases the level of security. Unlike key cards, no one can steal a face or fingerprints in order to gain access. This ensures that the approved people are entering your facility.

Cleaner Environment – You may be wondering: what does a security system have to do with keeping the workplace clean? Actually, a lot! When you remove the process of typing in codes and using access cards, you are also eliminating the transfer of germs – fewer bacteria equals less sick days from your employees.

Impossible-to-Fake Access – You can’t fake fingerprints or facial recognition. This ensures that who is entering the building is truly that person. This will ensure a completely clean record of who goes in and out of your workplace.

Take a look at more exciting features of a BTV access control system:

  • Door video stations
  • Elevator controls with floor by floor access
  • Facial and finger recognition
  • ID and visitor management systems
  • Positive ID protection via biometrics
  • Records for entry, exit, time, and attendance
  • Seamless integration with video surveillance
  • Web based accessibly

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