Developing a Company Emergency Preparedness Plan

Developing a Company Emergency Preparedness Plan

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According to OSHA’s regulations for emergency preparedness plans and fire prevention plans, emergency planning and training directly influence the outcome of an emergency situation. Facilities with well-prepared employees and well-developed emergency preparedness plans are likely to incur less structural damage and fewer or less severe employee injuries.

At BTV Systems, we believe in helping you be prepared. Here are five simple ways to protect your company and how we can help you do that.

Create a company emergency preparedness plan and go over it as a staff periodically

Did you know that OSHA requires employers with 10+ employees to record emergency action plans in writing? If your business has less than 10 employees, the plan may be verbally communicated. An OSHA based emergency plan includes the following regulations:

  • Emergency escape procedures and emergency escape route assignments
  • Procedures for employees who remain on site after the alarm sounds
  • Procedures to account for employees
  • Rescue and medical duties
  • Procedures for reporting emergencies
  • Contacts for further information
  • Alarm systems
  • Evacuating the premises
  • Training of personnel

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Have a plan in place for fire, robbery, natural disasters, and other emergency situations

Whatever happens during the first few minutes during a fire or an emergency situation often determines the extent and severity of the damage. With a BTV installed fire alarm system, you can be sure that your building and employees will be protected and alerted to any danger immediately.

Each employee should secure personal belongings in a lockable drawer or filing cabinet in their office

Avoiding petty theft is a simple but extremely effective measure in maintaining a safe, healthy work environment. If your business deals with sensitive information or property, consider installing a BTV access control system. With an access control system from BTV Systems, you’ll have the ability to prevent unauthorized entry and better protect your employees and property.

Create a protocol for the proper way to greet a visitor and how to suspect if they are seeking to steal or damage the property

Do you often have visitors on your property? Do you have a central location where every visitor must check in before they proceed? Certain industries such as schools, office complexes, and recreational areas cannot restrict visitor access, and therefore need an efficient way to monitor activity. With BTV Systems’ video surveillance services, our consultants will perform a full evaluation of your property and discuss every element with you including surveillance coverage area, areas of concern, mounting options, lighting, and power.

Always make sure to walk to your vehicles in groups if it is dark outside when you leave

Just before sunrise and just after sunset are the most vulnerable times for someone to be attacked or robbed in a public parking lot. There is always safety in groups, so make it a company policy to walk to your cars together when they day is over.

If you’d like more information on how BTV Systems can help your business with an emergency preparedness plan, contact us here and one of our security specialists will help you.