Staying Safe During the Holidays: Exterior Security Tips

Staying Safe During the Holidays: Exterior Security Tips

exterior security tipsDuring the holidays, our lives tend to get quite busy with shopping for gifts, cooking delicious meals, attending Christmas programs, throwing parties, and spending time with loved ones. Often, in all the cheery hussle and bussle, safety is the farthest thing from our minds. Yet, national police reports indicate that crime and theft increase roughly 30% during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Based on this statistic alone, we should all be cognizant of the heightened threat to our properties, homes, and offices and take preventative measures to ensure the safety of our family and employees.

At BTV Systems, safety and security is our top priority throughout the entire year. It’s our goal to provide the cutting edge of technology in HD video surveillance, HD displays, access control, fire alarm systems, security systems, and more. We give our clients peace of mind and a greater return on investment, which everyone could use a little more of especially around the holidays.

As you consider how to keep your business secure during the holiday season, we invite you to call us to discuss the installation of a security system, HD video surveillance, or an access control system. It’s also important to review the exterior security tips below and educate your employees on basic safety principles.

Exterior Security Tips

  • Ensure your building is well lit on all corners, especially at all entryways
  • Keep shrubbery and trees pruned back from your building to prevent any windows from being blocked
  • If your business has a fence around it, make sure it can be seen through (such as a chain-link fence)
  • All doors should have a deadbolt and each window should have a lock and burglar resistant glass

In addition to these exterior security tips, caution employees to be extra vigilant during the two most vulnerable 30 minute periods of the day – 30 minutes after opening and 30 minutes before closing. It is during these half hours that your business most likely experiences the most coming and going and movement into and out of the facility. Remember to walk in pairs or groups when employees walk to and from the parking lot while it is dark.

BTV Systems provides holiday security solutions for the following industries and more:

  • Campus Security
  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Citywide
  • Housing Authorities
  • Municipalities
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Correctional Facilities
  • High Rise and Office Complexes
  • City and County Parks
  • Utility Companies