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Fire Alarm System FAQs

More than a technological box that omits a loud alert when a fire is detected, a fire alarm system serves to protect the inhabitants of the building by acting as the middleman between the security company it is associated with and the place it resides. Allow us to answer several frequently asked questions about fire alarm systems:

What are the elements of a fire alarm system?

Typically, there are four elements that contribute to a fire alarm system – initiating device, indicating appliances, fire alarm panel, and power supply. Let’s highlight the role of each element:
1. The initiating device element within a fire alarm system can be thought of as the detection element. This part of the system detects fire or smoke.

2. The indicating appliance element represents the part of the system that alerts the inhabitants of the fire. This may take the form of bells, chimes, horns, or strobe lights.

3. The fire alarm panel element acts as the middleman and the brain of the fire alarm system. If a fire is detected, the fire alarm panel will send a call to the associated security company.

4. The power supply element will act as backup reserve batteries in case the main power supply has been compromised.

What are the three states of operation within a fire alarm system?

The three states of operation are Normal, Alert, and Trouble. These words will show up on the fire alarm panel.

“Normal” indicates that the fire alarm system is functioning properly, and a fire has not been detected. “Alert” indicates that a fire has been detected. “Trouble” indicates that something within the fire alarm system is not working properly.

When does the monitoring security company get an alert that there is a fire?

When the fire alarm system detects a fire, it will immediately sound an alarm and send an alert to the monitoring security company of the emergency. The security company will immediately alert emergency personnel of the fire and help will be on the way.

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