Simple & Secure Visitor Management with EasyLobby

Simple & Secure Visitor Management with EasyLobby

visitor managementAs part of our commitment to keep your organization secure, BTV Systems offers visitor management through HID EasyLobby. EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management streamlines visitor check-in and cross references visitors against felony databases. This keeps you and others, and it also gives a professional impression to visitors.

EasyLobby Visitor Management Benefits

HID Global is a trusted leader  in the security industry, and its security solutions offer numerous benefits to companies and organizations. Some of the benefits of Easy Lobby SVM include:

  • Creating a more professional visitor enrollment and check-in process
  • Making check-in more efficient and streamlined
  • Enhancing security by screening visitors against felony watch lists
  • Identifying who is in your building quickly and accurately, especially during emergency situations
  • Conducting analyses and reports on visitor data

EasyLobby Visitor Management Features

EasyLobby lets you get rid of pen and paper sign-ins and automates the entire process of registering guests. EasyLobby software and add-ons streamline check-ins and security through several features:

  • Secure Visitor Management (SVM) Software: This software processes visitors by scanning their IDs, creating records, printing badges, screening watch lists, and more.
  • Easy Lobby Administrator: Administrator is included with your purchase of SVM software. It allows you to create and manage badge templates, user accounts for guards and receptionists, the visitor list, and more.
  • eAdvance Visitor Pre-Registration: eAdvance allows employees to pre-register visitors online before the visitors arrive. This feature reduces check-in time and lobby congestion.
  • SVM Satellite: As an extension of HID’s SVM software, companies can purchase SVM Satellite to control and monitor visitor entry and exit at one or more check points.
  • eKiosk Self Registration Software: This application allows visitors to check themselves in using a tablet without the need for a receptionist.

Trust BTV Systems for Your Security Solutions

If you are interested in using EasyLobby at your organization, schedule a consultation with BTV Systems today. We specialize in providing custom designed and integrated commercial security solutions.