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Drones: A New Way to Protect Your Business

Our great-grandmothers may not have ever imagined all the technology of the 21st Century, but how many of us actually considered that drones would be an option for commercial security? Drones are quickly becoming an easy and effective way to monitor the security of your company.

Protect Your Business With These Office Security Tips

Your office or retail building is susceptible to thefts and vandalism—just like your home. But many business owners don’t know how to properly secure their building or prepare for emergency situations. To make sure your office is as safe as your home, follow these office security tips and contact BTV Systems for a safety consultation.

Product Spotlight: Edwards Vigilant VS-Series Fire Systems

As a business owner or decision maker at an organization, fire detection and protection shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. At BTV Systems, we believe you should have access to complete confidence in the operability and compliance of your building’s fire system and enjoy uncomplicated ease of use and maintenance.