Importance of Fire Inspections for Business | BTV Systems

Importance of Fire Inspections & Why Businesses Need This Service

fire inspectionsTo increase your company’s success, you are likely handling issues before they turn into a serious problem. One issue that should not be overlooked is fire safety. When your fire alarm system was first installed, were you told about the importance of scheduling annual fire inspections? Check out three reasons why fire inspections are important:

Fire Inspections Identify Potential Problems

When your fire alarm system is inspected, potential issues that are not noticeable to an untrained eye can be caught before a serious hazard occurs. When you choose BTV Systems to complete the inspection, we thoroughly check all elements associated with the fire alarm system – smoke detectors, duct detectors, and the backup batteries are just a few. Afterward, we will hand you a detailed report of the inspection to keep for your records.

Fire Inspections Protect Company Interests

Fire inspections have obvious benefits such as keeping employees and customers safe, keeping your building intact, and staying compliant with the law. But, your company benefits in other ways, as well. If a fire occurs, your clients’ trust in the company may drop and employees may not feel safe to work with your company anymore. Annual fire inspections strengthen client and employee trust, and help you stay compliant with fire codes.

Fire Inspections Keep You in Compliance With the Law

To stay in accordance with the law, businesses must have their fire alarm systems inspected annually. By choosing BTV Systems, you can rest assured that we know exactly what codes exist and how to spot a potential issue. Our fire alarm inspectors are NICET certified and factory trained. They are the best of the best, and will gladly service your business to keep you safe!

We are in the business of keeping companies and people safe. So, even if we did not install your system, we will gladly inspect it and make sure it is functioning properly. Schedule an appointment with BTV Systems today for a safer tomorrow!