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Eye-Catching LG Commercial Displays

commercial displaysBTV Systems provides commercial clients custom design and installation for HD displays including video walls, digital signage, message boards, and media displays. One of our providers is LG Commercial, a leader in the field of touch screen displays and digital signage. Their interactive display technology powers some of the most eye-catching video walls in the world.

LCD Video Walls

With LG video walls, you can create visually stunning and easily installed displayed. Powerful, free Supersign C Software allows for remote management, control, and color correction.

Large Format LCD Displays

The suite of LG large format displays brings your business to the forefront of digital signage solutions. LG offers several products to meet your organization’s needs:

  • LED-Backlit Displays are available in a variety of sizes and specs
  • Outdoor Displays provide strategic, turn-key public display solutions that catch your customers’ eyes
  • Touch Displays are designed to bring your message in vivid color and create an interactive experience
  • Digital Media players make the perfect addition to your business
  • Stretched Displays let you present information, advertising, and more in an innovative way
  • Accessories to the LCD displays include external speakers and stands

Touch Displays

For an eye-catching and interactive way to present your message, LG offers several touch display products:

  • 84” Ultra HD Multi-Touch Signage
  • 55” LG IR Spread based Ghosting Free Multi-Touch Display
  • 47” LG IR Spread based Ghosting Free Multi-Touch Display
  • 42” LG IR Spread based Ghosting Free Multi-Touch Display

Are You Considering LG Commercial Displays?

LG offers several more commercial display products for many applications. HD displays have several uses including:

  • Video surveillance
  • Public notification
  • Manufacturing monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • IP enabled public view monitors

If you need HD displays or video walls, contact BTV Systems. We’re happy to discuss your needs and find the appropriate solution for you. We know you will be pleased with our design process and our certified technicians who provide quick, precise installation. Call us today at 478-788-5281 to schedule a consultation.