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Why You Should Switch to Megapixel Cameras

megapixel camerasOver the last few years, there have been some incredible technological advancements when it comes to security. One of these advancements is the advent of megapixel cameras. While the older style of analog cameras is still available, we have compiled 3 great reasons why you should switch to megapixel cameras for your security system.


As you can gather from the name “megapixel,” these types of cameras feature millions of pixels per image. The more pixels per image, the clearer the image will be. When it comes to security, being able to produce video and imagery that is clear enough for a face or a license plate number to be deciphered can mean the difference in proving and convicting a crime. With a good megapixel camera, video won’t just be capable of being deciphered, it will be high-quality and sharp.


Megapixel cameras are capable of providing users with a much larger image than a traditional analog camera. The field of view is expanded and some cameras are capable of panning and tilting, offering an even bigger range. Because of the power and capabilities of these types of cameras, you won’t need as many as you would if they were analog or fixed cameras. Fewer units means easier installation, ultimately resulting in money saved.

Video Analytics

One of the best reasons to consider megapixel cameras is the video analytics capability. Analytics is the future of the security camera industry. In the past, you might have to go back through hours and hours of video footage to find what you need. Video analytics software was developed to specifically combat this problem. When your system is set up, you can customize the various parameters you want the software to look for, such as motion detection during certain hours or in certain, restricted locations.

With this intelligent software, there’s no longer a need for someone to be glued to a monitor 24-7 on the lookout for suspicious activity. There are many features that are included with the software and it can even be customized to send you various alerts based on your settings.

While there are countless benefits of megapixel cameras, the clarity, affordability, and video analytics capabilities are enough to help anyone who needs a security system. This modern solution offers vast improvement and many more options over the outdated analog style of video surveillance. BTV Systems can help you set up the perfect security system for your business.