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Why You Need BTV Systems’ High Definition Video Surveillance System

video surveillanceThe number one deterrent for theft is video surveillance. If a criminal spots security – especially video surveillance – he will likely avoid vandalizing, stealing, or taking part in other criminal actions. BTV Systems’ high quality video surveillance system produces a clear-cut image of its coverage which allows for maximum security. Overall, when our video surveillance system is installed, businesses experience a substantially less amount of theft and loss.

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Our comprehensive process consists of a consultation, evaluation, design, review, demonstration, and deployment. BTV Systems is the best choice for your video surveillance needs. Consider the advantages of choosing our system:

Ability to Customize

When you choose BTV Systems for your video surveillance needs, we customize the products’ reach to directly correlate with your needs. For example, we discuss issues such as coverage area, areas of concern, mounting options, lighting, power, and more. A BTV Systems Consultant will evaluate your property and suggest other ways to maximize the use of your equipment.

Thorough Onsite Training

The BTV Systems’ team not only customizes your product, but we make sure you know exactly how to use it. Through a detailed onsite training session, we will show you how to operate the surveillance system, answer any questions you have, and make sure the entire system is fulfilling your expectations.

Perfect for All Industries

There are plenty of industries that can benefit from video surveillance. Throughout Georgia and South Carolina, we have installed surveillance for correctional facilities, office complexes, city and county parks, municipalities, food processing facilities, higher education campus, and more. Could your industry benefit from surveillance? The answer to that question is most likely a resounding YES.

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