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BTV Provider Spotlight:

alarm.comIn order to offer you the most comprehensive security available, BTV partners with several vendors and service providers. For commercial and business security, we trust to provide cutting-edge security and monitoring that is also easy to use.

Security Systems by creates security and smart home technology. Interactive security, energy management, video monitoring, intelligent automation, and wellness are all easily controlled through an intuitive mobile app.

The app makes it possible to monitor your organization’s security 24/7 on multiple smart devices. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. The benefits of a security system from and BTV Systems include:

Interactive Security

  • Receive email and text notifications about your building’s security status
  • Monitor your property from the web or your smartphone
  • Remotely lock your doors or set your alarm
  • Stay connected with two-way voice technology, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected, or the power goes out

Video Monitoring

  • Watch live video on your smart device or
  • Schedule recordings based on motion or doors opening
  • Receive video alerts via text or email
  • Tamper-resistant, off-site video storage

Home Automation

  • Connect all your devices to work together
  • Save energy and increase security with automation based on your location
  • Set up schedules for lights and thermostats
  • Automatically secure access points, adjust thermostats, and turn off lights

Energy Management

  • Control lights and thermostats via the web or your smartphone
  • Email and text alerts inform you of thermostat changes
  • Optimize energy with schedules


  • Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed
  • Receive email and text notifications
  • Control locks and garage doors via the web or your smartphone
  • Set up unique user codes for people who are authorized to enter your property Services from BTV Systems

Security systems by are professionally installed and configured by licensed experts. When installing your system, BTV designs it according to your needs and accounts for several security threats. To give you the most comprehensive security, we research crime levels in your area, evaluate which areas need protection and at what level, and understand how the system will be accessed.