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BTV Systems: Tips For Preventing Shoplifting

Whether you run a small corner store, a massive department store, or anything in between, your store is at risk for shoplifting every day. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), about 1 out of 11 people are shoplifters. That’s almost 10% of shoppers! Another alarming statistic from the NASP: more than $35 million worth of goods are stolen from retailers every day.


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shopliftingOne of the first (and simplest) steps you can take is drafting a shoplifting policy and enforce it. The policy information can be relayed to customers with signs and statements posted around the store. Make sure that potential thieves can clearly see signs with messages such as “Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted.”


A second step is to set up a visible security system. Sometimes, a basic faux camera set-up can be enough to deter shoplifters with just its presence.  If your budget allows, an actual video surveillance system can be worth the cost. Security mirrors can clear up any potential blind spots and motion sensors are another viable option, as well.


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In addition to these visible deterrents, it’s absolutely crucial that your staff is adequately trained and properly prepared to foil any potential shoplifters. Employees should be encouraged to walk around the store periodically, not just through the center. Their presence alone can disrupt possible thefts. They should be aware and alert at all times and have a good understanding of which merchandise has the highest risk for shoplifting (expensive, smaller items that can be easily slipped into a pocket or a purse). There are also plenty of guides available online that can be used to train your employees on how to spot a shoplifter.


Shoplifters can be an enormous problem, but if the proper precautions are taken, you can drastically reduce their ability to steal from your business.