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How to Protect Your Business from IOT (Internet of Things) Risks

More businesses are becoming reliant on the internet for their day to day operations. Sensitive data is transferred and payments are processed. Internet of Things devices are commonplace in most offices, from computers to cell phones. Security camera systems are increasingly internet connected, driven in part by customer demand for remote video access. These systems range from cloud-managed surveillance systems, DVR/VMS/NVRs connected to the internet, and traditional systems connected to a local network which in turn is connected to the internet. Many foreign products, such as Hikvision products, put your business at risk.

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Always Buy American-made Products

It’s important to protect your business’s Internet of Things devices from potential cyber-Old Iron Plate Embossed with MADE IN USAattacks. One of the best steps you and your business can take is to buy American-made products. Recently, there have been many cases of foreign-made products being hacked. Perhaps the primary offender is Hikvision, a supplier of video surveillance products that is headquartered in China and owned by the Chines Government. There have been numerous reports of hacked Hikvision equipment.

Hikvision also manufactures about 90% of all Chinese-made video surveillance products through other manufacturers.

The problem with these types of products is that even after you have purchased one, you have little to no control over the device outside of the basic settings. Once a hacked device has been brought into your business and connected to your network, hackers have a direct line into your business and your personal data. Hacked devices can lead to extremely costly issues.

Other Ways to Protect Your Business

In addition to buying American-made products, other ways you can protect your business and its devices include using strong passwords and changing those regularly, and turning off devices when they are not in use. With cyber-attacks accelerating, physical security integrators and internal support staff must to keep up-to-date on cyber security attack vectors which can impact the camera video management systems they sell and/or support. These systems require the same level of protection from cyber security vulnerabilities given to traditional IT systems. Despite the convenience that Internet of Things devices provide us, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to avoid cyber-attacks.

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