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Celebrate Public Safety Day in Forsyth-Monroe County

public safety dayBTV Systems exists to keep our neighbors safe. Our high-quality products, expert team members, and constant desire to better the company produces results that increase public safety. That’s why we love when neighboring communities take necessary steps to increase safety, as well. So, on October 20 from 10am to 3pm, you can celebrate Public Safety Day in Forsyth-Monroe County! Discover the details:

Public Safety Day

Each year, the city of Forsyth hosts Public Safety Day to spread awareness about how to take safety measures. It is also used to honor all the people in the community who are in the public safety industry and recognize their hard work and dedication.

This year will be a bit different as there will be a “Great Bowls of Fire” chili cook off starting at 10am on October 20. The judges will decide the first, second, and third place winners, but the people who attend Public Safety Day will also give a People’s Choice award to a contestant of their choosing.

We hope you set aside time to enjoy our neighboring community as they increase awareness about safety and honor those who serve.

FAQs About Public Safety

Before heading to Forsyth to celebrate Public Safety Day, consider the following frequently asked questions about public safety:

What is public safety?

Public safety deals with all aspects of safety concerning the protection and welfare of the general public. Many communities have public safety officers such as correctional officers, fire safety professionals, and parole officers to assist with public safety daily.

Why spread awareness about public safety?

The more knowledge the public has about safety, the safer a community can be. Lack of knowledge can be a disadvantage to everyday situations and can potentially harm an individual.

How can I take part in public safety?

You can research various ways to get involved in your community’s safety programs. Communities benefit immensely from volunteers and people who want to make a difference.

BTV Systems makes a difference every day with our safety services! Discover what we offer.