Sound the Alarm: Fire Protection Week Rings in its 91st Year

Sound the Alarm: Fire Protection Week Rings in its 91st Year

fire protection weekEvery October since 1925, Fire Protection Week is observed in both Canada and the United States. BTV Systems appreciates this week and the servicemen and women who commit their lives to save others’ lives. As a company dedicated to keeping you safe, we provide fire alarm systems that are UL certified.

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President Calvin Coolidge dedicated one week out of October (always the Sunday to Saturday in which October 9th falls) to inform the public on the importance of fire prevention. This desire spurred from roughly 15,000 lives lost in 1924 due to fires.

BTV Fire Protection System

BTV Systems will evaluate your facility and make sure it is in line with local, state, and national fire codes. Each BTV-installed fire suppression system is UL certified.

Features of a BTV fire protection system include:

  • Annual fire system inspections
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Newest technology
  • Nicet Level 3 Certification
  • SLA Service Level Agreements
  • Voice evacuation and voice notification

We provide Edwards Vigilant fire systems but service most other fire protection systems makes and models, including Honeywell, Silent Knight, Fire-lite, and Notifier. View our full list of vendors.

Fire Protection Tips

The BTV fire protection system is a great tool to keep you safe. However, there are additional preventative measures to take to ensure safety, such as:

  • Report any electrical hazard. Faulty wiring is a main cause of fires.
  • Declutter your area. Clutter can add fuel to fires and block life-saving exits.
  • Smoke in designated areas and extinguish the cigarette properly.
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher properly and instruct others, as well.
  • Store chemicals safely. Many fires start because hazardous material is not in its correct location.

BTV Systems wants to create a safe environment for you. Call us today at 478-788-5281 for your fire protection needs.