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How Employees Can Help Keep the Office Safe

office safeSecurity systems, video surveillance, and access control go a long way toward keeping your business or organization secure. But you and your employees can help keep the office safe by practicing preventative measures. The responsibility can’t fall onto one person, so it’s important to educate your employees on how they should do their part.

Read the following tips for how everyone can pitch in to make the office safe, and contact BTV Systems to design a robust security system that keeps you, your employees, and your business assets safe.

Keep Personal Items Secure

Business owners typically think to keep important company valuables and documents secure, but how often do you and your employees remember to keep personal items safe while at work? Whenever possible, purses, cell phones, and other items should be kept out of sight, preferably in a locked desk drawer. Sometimes the best way to prevent a crime is to make it harder to commit, and purses left out in the open make stealing incredibly easy. If you don’t have a desk with a lockable drawer, consider leaving your valuables stored out of sight in your locked car.

Implement & Practice a Procedure for Welcoming Visitors

Whether you have a receptionist or not, someone should be able to speak to visitors before or directly after they enter your building. BTV Systems recommends installing an access control system that allows employees to greet visitors before they can enter the building, which will keep your office safe.

When a visitor comes to the office, whoever greets them should say something like, “How can I help you?” or “Who are you here to meet?” This will ensure only people with a reason to be at your office gain access. Posting a “No Solicitors” sign on the front of your building will also prevent unknown people from attempting to enter your office.

If someone who has no business being at the office tries to gain access, a procedure should be in place so employees know exactly what to do in that situation.

Keeping the Office Safe While Working Late

Lighted interiors, exteriors, and parking lots are important and necessary ways to keep employees who work late safe. But you need more than just lights. Every employee should know proper safety techniques for working late. If you don’t have an access control system, all doors should be locked after hours, even when people are still in the building.

Everyone at work needs to play their part in keeping the office safe. Never assume that safety measures will be taken by others. If everyone leaves security up to someone else, your business could end up in an unsafe situation.

For assistance installing a security system and suggestions for office safety practices, contact BTV Systems at 478-788-5281 for a security consultation.