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How to Determine Which Body-Worn Camera is Right for Your Team

Safety is critical for a productive workplace and happy customers. With Avigilon’s body-worn cameras, you can add an extra set of eyes in your workplace to keep your employees safe! The use of these body-worn cameras allows you to dispute false claims, expedite response times, and protect your hardworking staff.

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Let’s talk about two incredible body-worn camera options – the VT100 and VB400:

Frontline Staff or Customer Service Industry

For your employees who are serving customers or patients, you don’t want an obtrusive and large camera stuck to the front of their uniform. This will be uncomfortable for both the customer and employee! The VT100 body-worn camera is easy to use and unobtrusive. With a battery that lasts six hours, it will easily record for a full shift.

Security Personnel or Public Safety Officers

Security teams don’t necessarily need to make sure their body-worn camera blends perfectly with their uniform, as the presence of a video camera can deter theft or issues in itself! The VB400 has a tough exterior design, which is made to withstand Mother Nature’s elements. Because many security personnel have long, 12-hour shifts, the VB400’s body-worn camera has a battery life of 12 hours.

Even more importantly, this body-worn camera can be activated if it senses another body-worn camera is recording within 10 meters. This will give a valuable vantage point of both your colleague and the offender – potentially before, during, and after an altercation.

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