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The Importance of a Legitimate Security Company

security companyHaving a cheap or generic security company won’t get the job done in the event of an emergency. It’s vital to team with a legitimate security company that knows exactly what they’re doing and does it well. For 50 years, we have provided our customers with fast response time, quality products, and innovative technology.

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Three of many elements of BTV Systems’ legitimacy include:

Quality Products

The products we offer are the best of the best. We stand behind our products and believe they will help keep our customers safe. From our fire alarm systems to the cameras we use in our video surveillance, we ensure quality for all BTV Systems’ products.

Innovative Technology

With technology constantly changing, it’s imperative that we advance with it. At BTV Systems, we provide the latest technological solutions to our clients. The combination of our professional, trained staff and the best technology gives you, our client, peace of mind knowing that we have your safety in our hands.

Fast Response Time

Our central system is alerted not only for intrusions, but also for fire, panic alarms, and medical assistance. When any of these alarms are activated, our team will contact you quickly to verify that it is a real issue. Once confirmed, the proper authorities will be dispatched. This is incredibly important for the safety of your company and employees. With our fast response time, any threat that occurs can be quickly resolved.

Why You Should Choose BTV as Your Security Company

In addition to these three primary elements, BTV offers a host of other benefits. Our team includes multiple unrestricted Low Voltage Contractors and NICET Level 3 Fire Alarm Engineers. BTV employees are factory trained on the products we provide, and all technicians have received the required safety training to work on numerous types of commercial and industrial sites.

Because we don’t want our customers to have to worry about the expense or unpredictability of maintaining a security system, we offer three levels of service level agreements (SLA). With BTV, you not only get top quality products, you get unmatched service by industry experts.

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