Avigilon: Reliable & High-Quality Digital Surveillance

Reliable & High-Quality Digital Surveillance with Avigilon

avigilonBTV Systems trusts Avigilon as one of the highest-quality digital surveillance manufacturers in the industry. Avigilon provides HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, access control, and video analytics—all developed and manufactured here in the U.S.

While other surveillance devices contain multiple vulnerabilities, Avigilon consistently creates industry-leading products that increase the safety of your workplace. For more information about Avigilon and our digital surveillance services, contact BTV Systems at 478-788-5281.

End-to-End Security

While some security solutions require organizations to purchase separate surveillance and access control systems, Avigilon offers comprehensive security that manages both surveillance and access control from a single workstation, no matter how large your facility is. This makes the company a cost-effective security solution.

It has the widest range of megapixel cameras in the industry. All of Avigilon’s camera options use HD technology, giving you unparalleled image detail. The access control software is browser-based, making it easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.

It takes more than just a watchful eye (or camera) to keep your employees and assets safe. Preventative protection starts with video analytics. Avigilon provides a smart analytics solution that uses HD video, pattern-detecting algorithms, and self-learning capabilities. When your security system detects a potential threat, you can give it feedback about the accuracy of the alarm to refine the system’s intelligence, increasing accuracy and safety.

Experienced System Design by BTV

Video surveillance is only as good as the total system design. The security of your company depends on a team of knowledgeable experts consisting of engineers, project managers, public safety professionals, and business professionals. BTV Systems has the capability and know-how to complete any project, ranging from simple alarm systems for small businesses to complex video surveillance of large corporations.

Schedule a consultation and evaluation with us today. We’ll visit your organization and assess your security needs and wants, then design a solution that provides you maximum protection. Learn more about our video surveillance services.