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Helpful Tips for Preventing Office Fires

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Workplace fires in our nation’s history have led to strict local, state, and national fire codes that must be respected. These codes set the standards to ensure a safe workplace is available for all people. BTV Systems believes that fires in the workplace are preventable, and we want to help.

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Consider the following three tips to prevent fires in the workplace:

Be Mindful of Circuits

When you overload a circuit, you are exceeding the capacity of the electrical wiring. This may cause a short circuit which can easily lead to a fire. To prevent this, use a circuit breaker in an area where you have several appliances plugged in. A circuit breaker will regulate the flow of the current – not allowing an overabundance of electricity to travel through the wires.

Keep Your Workplace Clean

A clean workplace is necessary for many reasons. When a work environment is cluttered, people may slip, trip, or fall. This can cause unnecessary injuries and worker’s compensation cases. Additionally, certain types of clutter (such as paper and hand sanitizer) are flammable. Keep the workplace clean of clutter so that accidents and potential fires are less likely to happen.

Install a Fire Alarm System

The best way to prevent fires is to be proactive. Allow the team at BTV Systems to install a fire alarm system. Additionally, we will make sure your workplace meets all local, state, and national fire code standards. By doing this, we will catch any safety issues that may exist and immediately fix them. This creates a safer workplace for everyone involved!

When you choose a BTV fire protection system, you receive many benefits, such as:

  • Annual fire systems inspections
  • Intelligent and addressable protection
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Newest technology
  • Nicet Level 3 Certification
  • Voice evacuation and voice notification

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